National Honor Society

The selection procedure for membership in the Gordon-Rushville High School Chapter of the 
National Honor Society is as follows:

1. To be eligible students must be in grades 11 or 12 and have a 3.5 or better cumulative 
grade point average.  No rounding of decimals is allowed at any step.

2. Students who are eligible are asked to fill out and return a Student Activity Information 
Form.  This is the student’s opportunity to provide information on his/her school and out-
of-school activities.

3. The faculty is asked to fill out and return rating sheets on candidates in the areas of 
leadership, character and service (these numbers are averaged separately and faculty are 
asked to rate only those students they feel they know well).

4. Each NHS Faculty Council Member receives a copy of the results of the faculty rating 
and student activity information form.  After reviewing these, each faculty council 
member gives each candidate a point of 1-5 in the areas of leadership, character and 
service (with 1 low and 5 high).

5. An average in each area of leadership, character and service is obtained from the scores 
of the faculty council for each candidate.

6. Scholarship points are assigned as follows:
3.5   -  1 point
3.6   -  2 points
3.7   -  3 points
3.8   -  4 points
3.9   -  5 points
4.0   -  5 points

7. The averaged scores in leadership, character, and service are added to the Scholarship 
points and are then averaged once more.  The number obtained is a number between 1-5, 
with 1 low and 5 high (each area- Leadership, Character, Service, and Scholarship 
accounts for ¼ of the final score).

8. Those candidates with an average of 3.0 or better are accepted for membership by 
majority vote of the faculty council.  No rounding of decimals is allowed at any step.

9. Candidates must be inducted into NHS in order to become a member.