American Legion Auxiliary (Americanism Essay Contest 2018)
American Legion Auxiliary (Americanism Essay Contest 2018 Local Results)
Posted on 04/09/2018
American Legion Auxiliary

Each year, the American Legion Auxiliary sponsors an Americanism Essay Contest for students in grades 3-12. Grade levels are divided into six classes. There were 240 essays judged this year. Students wrote on the following topic:

What Can I Personally Do to Promote Americanism in my School or Community? 

All 1st place essays were sent to the State Division Chairman to be judged. We have not received the results of the State Winners at this time.

American Legion Auxiliary Essays 2018 (Results)

Class I  3rd and 4th                                                    

  1. Allie Nelson 4th grade Joel and Angela Nelson Teacher:Lynn Schott
  2. Aiden Heiser 3rd grade Chris and Kacy Heiser  Teacher:  Nancy Strong
  3. Kristopher Barringer 3rd grade Paul and Tami Kearns  Teacher:  Nancy Strong

Class II  5th and 6th grade

  1. Tyrah American Horse6th grade Emil and Ilea Amerian HorseTeacher:Trish Schumacher
  2. Caleb Heck 6th grade Joshua and Michelle Heck Teacher:  Trish Shumacher
  3. Jessalinn Dieriex 6th grade John and JenniferDieriex Teacher:  Trish Shumacher

Class III  7th and 8th

  1. Jacob Wellnitz8th grade Mike and Vicki Wellnitz Teacher:  Niki Waugh
  2. Tessa Hurlburt7th grade Randy and Melisa Hurlburt Teacher:  Niki Waugh
  3. Ivy Jones _Hazledine 8th grade Michael and Cate Jones Hazledine Teacher:  Niki Waugh

Class VI:  8th grade (These are students who are class VI) Teacher:  Heather Pearson

  1. Josie Sanchez-Rodriguez8th grade Jose Sanchez and Olivia Rodriguez
  2. Eli Hunter 8th grade Ben and Stormy Hunter
  3. Miles Glassgow8th grade Melissa Scott

Class IV  9th and 10th                              Teacher:  Heidi Beguin

  1. Josie Shadbolt 10th grade George and Angela Shadbolt
  2. 2nd Kalynn Janssen 10th grade Brad and Lisa Janssen
  3. 3rd Sierra Garrett  10th grade Wendy Junge

Class V: 11th and 12th                            Teacher:  Candie Johnson

  1. Darin Archibald 12th grade Alton and Bobbi Archibald
  2. Jared Nelson 12th grade Joel and Angela Nelson
  3. Ryan Wellnitz 12th grade Keith and Bev Wellnitz

Class VI:  11th and 12th grade (These are students who are class VI)     Teacher:  Ashley Lindholm

  1. Jacob Forster 11th grade Earl Forster
  2. Nate Rask  11th grade Jesse and Stacy Rask