Board Meeting

Gordon-Rushville Public Schools Board of Education
President - Mark Kruger Vice President - Michael Ziller
Secretary - Krista Wegner | Treasure - Kathleen Willnerd    
Member - Sherry Retzlaff | Member - Dave Johnson           


School’s Purpose

The members of the Gordon-Rushville school community are committed to helping all students to become well-rounded leaders, both academically and physically.  As a diverse community we work to ensure that every student is guided and assisted to achieve his or her goals.  We share the vision of creating a system that enables every student to meet or exceed rigorous standards for academic performance.  GRPS is committed to providing our students with the tools needed for the fast moving changes of technology.  The district remains diligent in challenging our students to develop ownership for their own lifelong learning.

Direction  Statement

At Gordon-Rushville Schools, our mission is to have a safe environment where everyone strives to be life-long, productive, and successful learners